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APA history

The Agricultural Property Agency continues the activity of the Agricultural Property Agency of the State Treasury, based on the regulations contained in the Act on the Formation of Agricultural System.

The Agricultural Property Agency of the State Treasury was constituted in the October of 1991 by act of law on the Management of Agricultural Real Estate of the State Treasury. The purpose of this Agency was to begin the process of restructuring and privatization of the agricultural property of liquidated state-owned farms, agricultural properties of the State Fund of Properties and other agricultural lands belonging to the State Treasury.

The essence of  the Agricultural Property Agency of the State Treasury was characterized by thefollowing principles:

  • ·         trusteeship – to perform ownership rights in state agriculture;
  • ·         self-financing- the necessity of transformations without external funding;
  • ·         mandatory transformation – the obligation of restructuring of the state-owned farms.

The APA’s activity in the restructuring and privatization area was determined by the following goals and conditions:

  1.     The requirement of taking over the agricultural properties of The State Treasury to The Property Stock;
  2.    The necessity of restructuring of the properties mentioned above,
  3.     The requirement of the liabilities’ payment,
  4.     The properties’ management,
  5.      Reparations and investments of premises that had been taken over to the Property Stock,
  6.    Privatization of agricultural properties by its disposal and leasing as well as gratuitous transfer for indicated units and entities,
  7.   The requirement to perform ownership supervision over agricultural lands’ holders.

The agricultural properties that were taken over by the APA composed the Agricultural Property Stock of the State Treasury.

Directions of management of Property Stock were established in the act. APA has been managing the Property Stock by:

  • ·         total or partial disposal of agricultural properties;
  • ·         giving in properties for a definite period of time to legal or physical entities for a chargeable exercise ,
  • ·         contribution properties or its part to a company,
  • ·         giving in properties for a definite period of time to indicated administrator,
  • ·         mandate,
  • ·         giving in properties gratuitously to districts, academic institutions, The State Forests National Forest Holding and more.

With the passing of time, APA’s operation determinants has changed and enabled APA to help former employees of liquidated state-owned farms. Since 2003, APA has also the possibility to supervise agricultural properties trade in order to achieve the defined objectives included in the Act on the Formation of Agricultural System.